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Topics covered include:
Introduction to Venture Capital; Trends in Markets and Emerging Technologies;
Strategies for Portfolio Structure; and, Risk Mitigation Strategies.

Why Vestech Partners?

Vestech Partners extends an invitation to qualified investors interested in accessing the inner circle of disruptive technology deals. By engaging directly with the highly experienced Boards and CEOs of horizon-changing companies, Vestech Partners supports founder visions to achieve legacy returns and leverages a strategic market approach to manage associated risks.

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How We Work

Step 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Vestech Partners, we are glad you are here and we can’t wait to show you what’s possible!

Step 2 - Education

We offer many personalized educational sessions on what opportunities are available to you.

Step 3 - Opportunities

Step 4 - Immersion

We stay by your side, growing together and staying immersed in the most up to date information.

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“Vestech Partner’s continued investment support has contributed greatly to Point Inside's transition into selling data to existing lucrative markets, positioning the company for high growth and a successful 2020.” ~Jon Croy, CEO of Point Inside

“Vestech Partner’s has been a fabulous lead investor so we could build our industry leading local TV platform but equally important, Riadh Fakhoury, has been a very valuable advisor on business deals, consumer product strategy and making introductions to useful people from his personal network.”~Jim Long, CEO of Didja

“Without Vestech Partner’s, KERV Interactive would not have achieved the success we are seeing now. Knowing that Dr. fakhoury and Vestech are in our corner gives us the confidence we need to move forward with conviction.”~Gary Mittman, CEO of KERV Interactive

“Vestech has been instrumental in supporting our rapid growth by facilitating efficient access to capital while letting us focus on further expanding our business. Since Vestech started investing we have more than doubled our revenues and have launched cutting edge products to the market. Vestech is a true partner in building AllSeated.”~Yaron Lipshitz, CEO of AllSeated

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Point Inside is a mature company that has the best indoor GPS mapping technology and can accumulate very specific data on consumers’ movements and actions. This consumer data information is highly sought after. Moving into the “last mile” solution with a pilot planned with Amazon and UPS. Anticipated exit in2023 with revenue growth in place.


Didja engages the cord cutters (tens of millions) back with their Local Broadcast TV (BTV) through it’s BTV technology. Didja’s Clippit, also allows consumers to clip 30 second amazing plays and share them through social media. Projections to become a multibillion dollar exit. Jim Long CEO is the founder of Veritas, founder of HPDraw, founder of video streaming, coined "streaming", dismantled Napster, and initiated iTunes model. Jim has outstanding experience and contacts for the benefit of Didja. Didja is now expanding into Community Broadcast TV.


Point Inside has the best indoor mapping, data collecting technology that can accumulate very specific data on consumers’ movements and actions.  This indoor mapping technology allows Point Inside to solve the last mile dilemma for ground transportation companies such as FedEx and UPS. A huge pain point for all of the package delivery companies, and an outstanding opportunity for Point Inside to solve their problem on both a national and international basis.


Didja engages the cord cutters (50 million and growing) back with their local Broadcast TV and Community TV through its patented BTV technology.  Didja’s Clippit, also allows consumers to clip 30 second amazing plays and share them through social media. Projections and goal is to become a billion dollar exit.  Jim Long CEO is the founder of Veritas, founder of HPdraw, founder of video streaming, coined "streaming", and dismantled Napster. Jim has outstanding experience and contacts to benefit Didja.

NOTE: Opportunities may close, and availability may change without notice. Any estimates for ROI and time frame of exit may vary and are not a guarantee. Adjusted for a pandemic environment, and may vary from expectations.

Success Rate

Vestech Partners co-founder, Riadh Fakhoury has over two decades of experience in the venture capital space investing in Silicon Valley companies with an initial exit of NT, acquired by Cisco Sytems. Exited companies of Vestech Partners includes Dataguise, acquired by PKWare. Vestech Partners' Portfolio companies include Netsys Technologies, DataWeave, Dataguise, AllSeated, Point Inside, Didja, KERV, Presentations.AI, TrendiTech, and DeNexus. Our institutional co-investors include Magma Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners, Samsung, LightSpeed, Blume, Qualcomm, Morgan Stanley, SAIF Partners, and Toba Capital. Vestech Partners co-invests in a 16-year portfolio with an 85% success rate, exiting well over $9B.

The spaces we invest in:

  • Data Security platform
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Application platform Intelligent Tech platform
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics
  • Virtual Presence platform
  • Non Linear TV and Personalized Broadcast Streaming platform
  • Network Security andManagement platform
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Beneficial Features


Align yourself with the best in the industry

Track Record

A proven track record of inverse risk/reward, or much greater success than failure


Diversify to reduce risk of losing your money


Reduce taxable exposure (IRA/ROTH/401K)

Our Team

Dr. Manal Fakhoury

‍Vestech Partners LLC

      Dr. Manal Fakhoury, CEO of Vestech Partners (Legacy Wealth), has a strong business intuition and has managed multimillion dollar budgets. She is known for her distinctive skillset of strategy, business acumen, and relationship building. She has served as an investment advisor, angel investor, and is often the person offering the roadmap to success. Her commitment is to offer high return investments while reducing risk

      Manal’s career includes her stint as a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist and has worked in a variety of pharmacy settings, including hospital, retail, home health care, and as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. She served as the Clinical Coordinator at Ocala Health for 28 years and lead the JCAHO audits and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Manal earned her undergraduate, and doctorate from the University of Southern California, and her clinical residency at Shands Hospital. She earned her MBA from Webster University, earning the Most Outstanding Business Student Award. Manal is passionate about community service and is also the President and CEO of Fakhoury Leadership International. With over 30 years of for-profit and non-profit leadership experience, she serves on many national and community boards. She is past Chairwoman of Chamber of Commerce and has served in many top leadership positions. Currently: YMCA Executive Board, AHA , Rotary Member, ING Trustee, Truist Bank board of directors, Toastmasters International, Founder and President of Ollin Women International, curator for TEDxOcala, TEDx speaker, and Gavel Club Counselor for the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC). Graduate of Leadership Florida. Manal has been recognized with many professional and community awards including Pharmacist of the Year, Person of the Year, Business Women of the Year, Communicator or the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Webster’s Distinguished Alumni Award, United Way Community Service Award, and many others. She is a strong advocate of personal development and social justice. Manal brings a very strong background in community service, leadership, organizational skills, and fundraising.


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Riadh A. Fakhoury

President, Founder
Vestech Partners LLC

     Riadh is the founder and managing director of Vestech Partners with 25+ years of PE investingexperience. Vestech Partners makes available a variety of custom technology opportunities.These investments are well run, properly valued companies with high market relevance, thatdisrupt billion dollar industries. Deal flow access through a well connected and seasoned VCwith 80% success rate. Investors ask, "How can I participate on the inside, keep my riskcontained while producing substantial returns?" Vestech Partners' passion is to provide thisaccess with the goal of producing Legacy Wealth.


How can you access exclusive technology opportunities unavailable even to the most sophisticated and savvy of investors?

Relationships, proximity, invitation, and access are key to participating in the most exciting technology companies that are changing our world. Be a part of the technology revolution by investing in the right companies; companies that are poised for success and guided by the right team. Vestech Partners' experience and deals allow access to these private deals. Learn more about how private equity, done correctly, can add significant value to your portfolio. Vestech Partners will educate and guide you in this space, so you can finally take control of your own financial destiny. Our partners in this space are some of the most experienced and sought after in the technology world. They personally invest and are actively involved with each company being presented.

What fees are involved?

Vestech Partners’ fees are a 2% annual management fee and 20% of profit, standard for the industry. The 20% of profit is in place only if you at least double your money, otherwise the 20%fee is waived. Each opportunity is an individual investment and you can choose to participate in one or all. Diversification across multiple companies is recommended to add another layer of risk reduction, and minimum investment is $100,000 per opportunity.

Vestech Partners LLC