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Access opportunities to invest in horizon-changing, technology companies. Diversify your portfolio with deals in the fastest growing global private markets.

Vestech Partners delivers curated, deal-by-deal access to investors to build a custom portfolio with potential for high returns.

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Fund Overview

$80M+ AUM

12+ Portfolio Companies

29+ Years Experience

Investing in Silicon Valley and Beyond

Driven by uniquely qualified deal flow, Vestech Partners invests in emerging software and hardware companies from Seed through Series B across global markets.

Our Industry Specialties

Cyber Security
Data Preparation
Food Tech
HR Tech
Edge Networks
Supply Chain Tech

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Early-stage venture capital offers significant upside potential. Gain access to investment opportunities backed by the top VC funds.

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Why the early stageprivate markets?

More value is captured in the private markets for early-stage technology companies. As companies decide to stay private longer, this will be an ongoing trend and will enable larger returns for early-stage, private investments.

Guiding Principles

Strong leadership and team

Top Co-Investors

Strong market relevance

Well managed company valuations and deal terms

Highly disruptive technologies (hardware or software)

Strategic timing

Portfolio Companies

Trendi focuses on making healthy plant-based foods more accessible, rescuing avoidable food loss at the source, and upcycling it into nutritious shelf-stable products.

DeNexus’ flagship platform, DeRISK, empowers industrial enterprise and risk underwriters with the ability to quantify and manage cyber risk exposure on a continuous basis.

AllSeated is defining the world of event management end-to-end. Businesses can plan events inside beautiful virtual venues (digital twins of the real venue) where all stakeholders come together to create the best participant experience.

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Strategically Managed Risk, Leads to Potential High Reward

Vestech Partners strives to support the goal of leaving behind a legacy by sourcing high-quality early-stage investment opportunities for you to consider for your portfolio.

Qualification process

Tax incentives and structures

Deal access and timing


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