The undersigned is not investing in the Interests based upon any representation, oral or written, by any person with respect to the future value, if any, of, or the income, if any, or similar from the Interests. The undersigned has made an independent examination of, and judgment with respect to, the Company’s prospects and the Interests. The undersigned has been advised by the Company that the undersigned should consult with the undersigned’s legal and financial advisors with respect to legal, accounting and tax issues relative to the investment in the Interests.


The undersigned believes that, based on the undersigned’s business experience as a sophisticated investor and based on the undersigned’s economic bargaining power, the undersigned has been provided with all information or been given access to all information with respect to the Company, the planned future activities of the Company, Company’s capital needs, its prospects for failure and success, and all such other factors that the undersigned considers material, which might affect the undersigned’s decision whether to purchase the Interests in the Company.


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